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It's More Than Just a Shed

At R&F Steel Buildings, we love being able to offer custom-designed solutions for your steel building projects. Residential, rural, agricultural, commercial or industrial sheds… We have a diverse range of options to suit your needs.

From concept to construction and post project support, we provide a complete service where you can be confident that everything; local council approvals, design, build and after-sale support—will be done well, and if something isn’t right, we fix it.

"We like their service and quality of workmanship"

We’ve been using R&F for years – they custom build our sheds. We like their service and quality of workmanship. Ask them for a quote and they are prompt getting back to us at a not unrealistic price. There are no issues with anything. It’s hassle free. We tell them what we want and they build it. Easy!

Jayson & Paul Windolf - Windolf Farms (Lockyer Valley)

Why R&F?

For us it’s all about relationships with our customers, team and suppliers. We value integrity, transparency and communication.

You buy direct from us, often from a local branch, from people who live and work in your community. There’s no middleman, no sales commissions. We take time to understand what you need.

Ryan Folkard & Nigel Solomon
Managing Directors
R&F Steel Buildings
Gatton, QLD (Head Office)

Explore Our Range of Steel Structures

We support a wide range of typical shed styles with the added flexibility of adjustable roof pitch, bay spacings and overall dimensions. You are never locked in to a kit that doesn’t fit. 

Choose a Shed Company Licenced for Building and Experienced in Design.

It can be risky to buy from a shed seller who has never built a shed, provided project support, or experienced the challenges the can arise from a poorly planned project. R&F has a reputation for experience, and quality, ensuring you get the best shed you can without compromise.


Will this be a simple & easy experience?

Will I be delighted with the result?


The quality of the shed matters to me.

How do I know I’m in good hands?

Final Result

Will it look good & compliment my property?

Will I be proud of my investment?

If the Kit Doesn’t Fit, it’s Not an R&F Steel Building.

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"From the ground up, my expectations were met."

I build aircraft and hot rods. I need space to tinker every day. It’s just a great place to be. I reckon everyone needs sheds.

Martin H - R&F Customer