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It's More Than Just a Shed

At R&F Steel Buildings, we love being able to offer custom-designed solutions for your steel building projects. Residential, rural, agricultural, commercial or industrial sheds… We have a diverse range of options to suit your needs.

From concept to construction and post project support, we provide a complete service where you can be confident that everything; local council approvals, design, build and after-sale support—will be done well, and if something isn’t right, we fix it.

"They have such pride of workmanship"

They built the most beautiful shed you can ever imagine. They have such pride of workmanship, and attention to detail was outstanding. Our shed was a little unusual as it had to reflect our house. And they thought about everything. It was done properly in every way.

Marcus Barlow - R&F Custom (Warwick)

Why R&F?

For us it’s all about relationships with our customers, team and suppliers. We value integrity, transparency and communication.

You buy direct from us, often from a local branch, from people who live and work in your community. There’s no middleman, no sales commissions. We take time to understand what you need.

Ryan Folkard & Nigel Solomon
Managing Directors
R&F Steel Buildings
Gatton, QLD (Head Office)

Explore Our Range of Steel Structures

We support a wide range of typical shed styles with the added flexibility of adjustable roof pitch, bay spacings and overall dimensions. You are never locked in to a kit that doesn’t fit. 

Choose a Shed Company Licenced for Building and Experienced in Design.

It can be risky to buy from a shed seller who has never built a shed, provided project support, or experienced the challenges the can arise from a poorly planned project. R&F has a reputation for experience, and quality, ensuring you get the best shed you can without compromise.


Will this be a simple & easy experience?

Will I be delighted with the result?


The quality of the shed matters to me.

How do I know I’m in good hands?

Final Result

Will it look good & compliment my property?

Will I be proud of my investment?

If the Kit Doesn’t Fit, it’s Not an R&F Steel Building.

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"From the ground up, my expectations were met."

I build aircraft and hot rods. I need space to tinker every day. It’s just a great place to be. I reckon everyone needs sheds.

Martin H - R&F Customer