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R&F Steel Buildings is a one-stop shop where you can rest easy knowing that everything from council approvals, design, build and after-sale support will be taken care of. If something isn't right, we fix it.

About Us

We are best known for quality and easy-to-build sheds. We have built some impressive projects for major farmers in the Agricultural Industry, Mums and Dads with custom residential sheds, commercial and industrial sheds for business / corporate clients, and much more.

Our clients come to us for our integrity, quality, and reliability in providing a complete design, supply, and installation package for sheds, garages, and carports of all sizes.

R&F began in the Lockyer Valley building sheds for farmers of the region. Since 2008, R&F has been gradually expanding to create a Queensland-wide footprint with 17 locally owned and operated R&F Steel Building distributors going strong.

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What We Do

We love offering custom-designed solutions for your steel building projects. Whether you need a workshop for creating and fixing, a garage to keep your vehicles safe, a warehouse for small business pursuits, or a huge steel building for storing hay, machinery, or airplanes, we are here to ensure your project is built beautifully, fit-for-purpose, and able to stand up to Australian weather conditions.

We use the finest Australian steel for every project and we’re especially proud of our Welded Portal Frame System that ensures a heavy, rigid steel connection so your building doesn't sag or twist. It can be supplied in kit form or we can look after your full design, supply, and installation.

Transparency and trust are vital to us, so we have distributors throughout Queensland and New South Wales to ensure you always have a local office to answer your questions, brainstorm ideas, and resolve any issues swiftly.

Welded & Bolted Frames

Our Welded Portal Frames create a heavy, rigid steel connection to ensure your steel building is strong, stable, and durable. Far superior to flimsy bracket designs, our welded connection system uses heavy-duty, welded plates to maintain straight roof lines without the sagging or twisting that results from using oversized bolt holes.

Our steel columns, rafters, and mullions are supplied by Lysaght then fabricated by our qualified tradesmen to the exact specifications of your steel building project.

They use a minimum plate thickness of 6mm steel that surpasses the common 2.4mm brackets used by most shed companies today and create pre-punched connections that suit your building’s roof pitch so there is a minimal on-site adjustment.

All our Welded Portal Frames are secured with hi-tensile purlin bolts, not tek screws.

Our Range

Acreage Sheds

When you need to accommodate more, an R&F Acreage Shed is a strong and versatile choice. You may need to protect more cars, a truck, a boat, a horse float, a caravan, or just want extra room – nothing is too big for an R&F Acreage Shed!

When bigger is better, these sheds are engineered for more space but still elegant enough to complement your property. Flexibility is key and only limited by your

We can design, supply and build your acreage shed with common spans of 9 metres, 12 metres, 15 metres and 18 metres or tailor a unique design to meet your needs.

Farm Sheds

When you buy a farm shed from R&F, you are buying a quality steel building with welded and bolted connections. We don't sacrifice on quality and use only 100% Australian made BlueScope Steel in all of our designs.

Our Farm Sheds are perfect for machinery storage, hay storage, as a commodity shed, protecting equipment and accommodating large implements with extra wide bays.

Each R&F Farm Shed can be customised with Zed Roof and Wall purlins or lightweight topspan battens, extra wide bays up to 12m, column replacement from cold-formed cee sections to hot-rolled universal beam columns and much more.


Need to protect your small or medium fixed-wing airplane or helicopter? An R&F Hangar is a great choice when looking for a quality structure that is well designed to suit a wide wingspan and make the most of your allotted plot at the local airpark.

We have plenty of experience designing and building hangars to protect your asset, comply with aesthetic requirements, incorporate mezzanine storage and design to suit high wind environments.

Partial or full-width openings are easily catered for. Our RHS outrigger support system in conjunction with our engineered top-hung metal sliding door system can slide open up to a full 24m gable end of a building for clear, unobstructed access. Choose from single, double, or triple track door configurations.

Explore our shed design gallery of completed projects throughout Queensland. Find out what different shed designs look like and help make the quoting process that little bit easier.

Custom Designs

When the kit doesn't fit, buy a Custom Shed! It's our specialty and we love to design and build them. Sometimes standard solutions just don’t fit what you are looking for. With custom designs, you are not limited to a standard size, height or kit configuration. R&F delivers superior quality and a fair price.

A common myth in the market place is that a custom design costs more – at R&F this is not the case! Every length of steel that goes into an R&F shed is ordered to size and cut to length. This means you only pay for what you need and don’t have to compromise with an ‘off the shelf’ product. You may have limited bay spacing options, or require a unique cladding profile, or a specific roof pitch to cater for solar, or you may want to match a door style on your home – our teams have the practical hands-on experience to tackle the toughest challenges.

For us, it all comes down to delivering the best solution for you that suits your specific needs.


Protect your vehicles, add value to your property and create a functional area for your home. An R&F Carport is available in a flat (Skillion) or pitched (Gable) roof design and is the right choice every time!

Build a cost-effective solution and provide protection for your car, boat, caravan, or horse float while adding street appeal and value to your property. Our carports are available in a variety of layouts and can be designed to be freestanding or attached to your house or existing shed as an awning.

Engineered with strength in mind, our designs can achieve heights up to 4.5m at the eave in both normal and cyclonic wind regions (up to C61) while accommodating spans up to 12m in Gable roof designs or 9m in Skillion roof designs.

Our most popular style is a skillion carport – with a flat, slightly sloping roof – they are our simplest and most economical structure. Our gable carports are a more stylish option.


An R&F Garage offers you great strength and aesthetic appeal whilst being flexible enough for vehicles & equipment storage, or even a workshop space. With one, two, three or more bays, a Garage provides a strong, secure structure that will protect your investments and give you peace of mind.

Every R&F Garage is unique from the ground up. Each is made to order and custom designed to size. We can design, supply and build your garage with common spans of 6 metres, 7.6 metres, 9 metres and 12 metres or tailor a unique design to meet your needs.

We have a range of options to maximise functionality and enhance the visual appeal of your garage. Mezzanine floors are perfect for additional space or internal walls ideal for sectioning off a workshop. Custom cladding and colour coordinating to complement your home or workplace is our speciality.

Many of our clients choose different bay sizes to suit their needs, or include additions such as motorised roller doors or insulation for comfort and useability. Our design system and process allow us to cater for very specific needs.


We’ve got the extra cover and space you’re looking for! If you are looking to extend your shed or increase the under-roof area without building a brand new shed, an awning extension may be the best choice. 

Whether you need extra space for the protection of vehicles, a bigger workshop, or an outdoor entertaining area, an R&F Awning Extension is ideal. 

Whether it be a gable extension, skillion extension or a combination of both. We can leave it fully open or enclose some or all bays. All colours and cladding profiles can be coordinated with your new or existing shed.

We Support Australian Manufacturing & Suppliers

From concrete foundations to steel frames and beautifully fitted windows and doors, R&F Steel Buildings materials are sourced from the finest Australian manufacturers.

Why local? Why Australian made?

It's simple, it keeps our country growing and supports a lot of hard-working Australian families and their local communities.

Buying local is ingrained within our company. Buying an R&F Shed is not just a purchase for yourself, it's an investment into our sun-blessed country!

The companies we use are the best of the best, consistently producing materials that are strong and resilient with stellar craftsmanship and innovative design. Their integrity and excellence enable us to build your steel building with confidence.

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