Structural Sheds

Great for large Farming Operations & Commercial Buildings


R&F Steel Buildings have been specialising in building sheds of any size to suit many requirements. Structural sheds are the heaviest that we have to offer, they have large spanning capabilities, can accommodate large bay sizes and tall heights with ease.


Each of our Structural Sheds are custom designed and engineered for your site. We use Universal Beam (UB) columns and rafters to make our UB portal frames. They are fabricated in house and hot dip galvanised to give that extra protection from corrosive environments.


We can design a structural shed for you with a range of framing options, our first choice is complete Universal beam portal frames however we have built a range of structural sheds using other frame types such as Laced Frames (Web Truss Columns & Rafters) or combination frames with UB Columns and Web Truss rafters.


If a full UB options doesn’t work for you, we also offer a laced/web truss design. This type of frame is often more economical provided there is sufficient room to accommodate deeper trusses.


Give us a call and start planning your next R&F Structural shed today.


How can we customise your Structural Shed


  • Mezzanine Floors
  • Custom Bay sizes
  • Industrial Roller Doors
  • Panel Lift Doors
  • Metal Sliding Doors
  • Cantilevered Awnings
  • Internal Walls
  • Windows & Glass Sliding Doors
  • Louvres
  • Personal Access Doors
  • Roof & Wall Insulation
  • Skylights
  • Roof Ventilators



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