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A True Independent Shed Solution

Starting out as a franchisee, we’ve come a long way. We’ve broken free from outdated shed software systems and poorly designed shed  structures to create a truly independent business model. Our approach empowers local R&F Distributors to offer top-notch service, and turn-key solutions, setting us apart in a competitive market.

Since 2011, we’ve been building a community of licensed R&F builders across Queensland. These folks aren’t just tradespeople; they’re problem-solvers, craftsmen, and trusted members of their communities. Our commitment to quality and service has earned us a stellar reputation state wide.

If you’re a builder tired of following someone else’s lead, let’s chat. Join us and discover the freedom to build on your own terms.

Why Builders Join R&F Steel Buildings.

We've Built What We Sell & Design Too.

Our team can build what they design, sell or engineering. Founded in the Lockyer Valley, the R&F Group is supported by easy to talk to people like yourself without the corporate feel.

Our Software Makes Your Life Easier

Designed for builders who are always struggling for time to learn a big system, or do office work outside of 'business hours' (this is us too). Our software is simple to use, but powerful for designing and selling. 

Our Shed Designs are Construction Ready.

Each R&F Steel Building is designed to suit a better build without the hassles of finding a left or right bracket, or interpreting a complex part list. Welded & Bolted frames are faster to build and hold up during construction stage

The Marketing & Brand Work is Done.

Don't spend $10-$20k on building a local brand, leaving little on the table for advertising. Through our trademark licensing, you will have access to a full range of R&F branded marketing assets and support for advertising campaigns to ensure you succeed. Focus more on quality and client satisfaction, and less on marketing and brand development.

The Nuts and Bolts

Behind each R&F trademark licensee is a comprehensive business solution that enables builders to focus on customers, service, and building. The logistics, pricing, marketing, engineering and all the head aches are done for you. It’s easy, reliable, and just works.

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