Types of Farm Sheds: A Queensland Guide

by Joshua Knight on December 12, 2023

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Whether your Extending, Buying a Kit or Building a New Shed – This Guide is for you.

Imagine the weather forecast ahead for the week ahead, high chance of rain. It's been dry for the past few weeks, you have been irrigating week in and week out. You have been planning to cut the lucerne just in time to beat the rain. Typical harvest period for a grower in Australia right? But what if you don't have the storage space available to load your hay under cover fast? In this article, we are going to cover some of the most popular uses for Farm Sheds that we have seen in Queensland over the past 10 years. If you are in the market for a shed extension or a new farm shed, then this article might just be for you.

TL;DR (Getting To The Point)

  • Farm sheds in Qld have a wide range of uses, including agricultural equipment storage, fertiliser and chemical storage, secure and lockable asset protection, machinery storage, and  livestock roof covers.
  • Planning your Farm shed design with an experienced shed builder can save you money, improve usability, and ensure your new shed is practical. Engineered and designed exactly for your farm needs.
  • Australian Farm Sheds need to be engineered, and designed for your site location. The quality of the steel, strength of the connections, and ensuring the shed is designed for high wind events in Australia will give you peace of mind. All R&F Steel Buildings are compliant with The Building Code of Australia.
  • Dry hay storage conditions are crucial to prevent hay spoilage, our farm shed design tips can help you maximise the storage capacity and usability of your hay shed.
  • Farm buildings make great workshops, supporting tractor and machinery maintenance all year round within your shed.

Agricultural Equipment Storage Options

large farm shed with farm machinery, equipment and vehicles inside
large farm shed with farm machinery, equipment and vehicles inside

A great farm shed, isn't just a shed. When designed for purpose (a custom shed), it will keep all your farm machinery safe and fulfill your storage needs. Protecting your farm equipment; John Deere tractor, Massey Ferguson Header, Toyota Land Cruiser, or Hilux  to withstand the harsh Australian sun or the unpredictable weather events will guarantee you get the most value from your farm shed, and future proof your property.

Accommodating your hay baler, cotton picker, and plough makes your shed practical and helps you run an efficient farm. A shed built just for what you need, keeping your important equipment safe from the weather.

Think about how much easier your farm operations would be if all your machinery were in one place. You wouldn’t have to worry about finding your tractor or other equipment when you need it. With a well-organised tractor storage zone, it’s all there, right at your fingertips. And let’s not forget, having a dedicated machinery shed means your valuable equipment is protected from harsh weather conditions, extending their lifespan and saving you money in the long run.

R&F Steel Buildings, a trusted name in the industry, specialises in creating these types of solutions. As a quality shed builder, we can transform your rural shed into a smart, efficient, and convenient machinery storage space. Your local distributor brings their expertise, designing a shed that suits your farm’s unique needs and conditions. Made strong for Aussie Farms. You can purchase a shed kit or engage one of our local branches for a price to engineer, manufacture and build the entire project. Your affordable farm shed will be manufactured in Queensland and supplied locally, contact us for a quote.

Safe and Secure Chemical Storage

Farm Shed for machinery storage and chemical storage with a lockable bay, secured by a roller door.
Farm Shed for machinery storage and chemical storage with a lockable bay, secured by a roller door.

Every farmer knows the crucial role of securely storing chemicals. It's not just a consideration; it's a necessity for safety and efficiency on your farm. An R&F Steel Building is designed to meet this essential need. Our farm sheds are crafted from Australian-made steel, known for its durability and strength, making them the perfect choice for safe chemical storage.

Chemical Storage Safety Measures

Storing chemicals safely is about more than just having a designated space. You need to ensure you meet safety standards and securely store dangerous chemicals. This protects your farm, your employees and prevents unauthorised access or misuse of chemicals. Lets show you how we can secure your R&F Steel Building, and keep your chemicals safe.

Designing Secure Storage Areas

Leveraging the expertise of your local R&F Steel Buildings representative, you’ll receive a high-quality, engineered building design that meets your unique needs. Your farm shed won’t just be a space for hay storage, but a safe and secure place for your chemicals.

Incorporating the following features will ensure your shed is robust and safe:

  • Australian made, BlueScope Steel for durability
  • Lockable roller doors for enhanced security. Optional concrete floor anchors are also available.
  • Larnec sentry personal access doors for ease of access.
  • Security screws to deter any tampering
  • Insulating the roof and walls to minimise the impact of radiant heat
  • Completely enclosing the chemical storage area

Investing in an R&F Steel Building means prioritising the safety and functionality of your farm. Let us help you create a custom farm shed that perfectly aligns with your needs, ensuring a secure and efficient chemical storage solution for your farm.

Machinery Storage Sheds

An Open Front Farm Shed with 6 metre wide bays for tractor and hay baler storage.
An Open Front Farm Shed with 6 metre wide bays for tractor and hay baler storage.

When it comes to machinery storage in your farm shed, there’s more to consider than just tucking away your equipment. You’ll need to think about maximising your storage space, planning your layout for organisation, and ensuring your shed can withstand mechanical impacts. Let’s discuss how you can achieve all of this on your rural property.

Maximising Storage Space

To maximise storage space in your farm shed, you’ll need to take into account the width and height (dimensions) of your machinery. Whether you are buying a shed in kit form, or working with R&F to build new, it's important you get this right. This way, you can ensure the longevity of your equipment and the overall design life of your shed.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Use the vertical space. High shelves can store less frequently used items, like spare parts. Building a mezzanine floor for storage, can be a smart choice here.
  • Designate areas for different purposes. This could be a hay shed section, a farm implement area, or a machinery zone.
  • Ask for uneven bays if needed. Not all bays need to be equal, sometimes one extra wide bay can make the difference on-site.
  • Regularly declutter and reorganise. A tidy shed means maximising storage space.
  • Ensure wide and high enough entrances for easy access. No one likes a tight fit when racing into the shed with a full load and a storm rolling in.
  • Invest in durable materials, manufactured from quality Australian made steel. R&F farm sheds are designed and engineered to withstand wind speeds in both non-cyclonic and cyclonic regions across Australia.

Organisational Layout Strategies

Organise your machinery in the shed strategically to increase efficiency and accessibility. Start by grouping similar items and assigning them to specific bays. Your workshop tools, for example, should be close together for ease of use. When it comes to quality, R&F Steel Buildings are the go-to experts for farm sheds in Qld. Our site-specific designs are tailored to your needs, creating a space that is both functional and efficient. Even if you’re storing something larger, like a large square baler, our sheds can accommodate this. Leverage the many years of experience in the industry that each R&F distributor has.

Mechanical Impact Proofing

An Open Front Farm Shed with universal columns for mechanical impact proofing. The shed is a cold formed, welded and bolted shed from R&F Steel Buildings.
A farm shed with universal beam column upgrades.

While you may not initially consider the potential damage heavy machinery can cause to your new shed (we are all great drivers until an accident happens!), it’s essential to factor in mechanical impact proofing, especially when you’re storing large equipment like tractors or trucks. Structural steel such as Universal Beams can be a game-changer for your shed’s resilience.

Consider these benefits:

  • Longer lifespan due to increased strength
  • Resistance to mechanical impacts and damage
  • Enhanced safety for stored machinery
  • Use of cold formed steel for cost efficiency
  • Bolted connections for robust design
  • Steel fabrication done locally from one of our fabrication partners

We are one of the only cold formed shed companies in Queensland who can incorporate hot rolled structural steel with a cold formed steel building to create a cost efficient, hybrid structure, through any of our locations. Ask your local R&F branch about a UB Column Upgrade and request a quote today.

Livestock Roof Covers

In Queensland, farm sheds are increasingly being used for livestock roof covers. This shift is in response to evolving animal welfare standards and industry trends. The Australian Lot Feeders’ Association is advocating for all feedlots to have shade by 2026, aligning with welfare initiatives. We offer durable livestock roof covers made from quality BlueScope Steel, designed to protect animals from harsh weather conditions and improve their overall well-being. Perfect for your cattle farm.

How Roof Covers Benefit Cattle Farmers

  • Compliance with Standards – Aligns with upcoming welfare standards, ensuring readiness for future industry requirements.
  • Increased Productivity – Protected livestock often show better growth and health, leading to increased productivity.
  • Durability – Made with Australian steel, ensuring long-lasting protection against diverse weather conditions, protected by BlueScope Steel Warranties.
  • Customisability – Flexible and custom solutions to fit the specific needs and layout of your farm.

How Roof Covers Benefit Livestock

  • Weather Protection – Shields from extreme weather, including harsh sun and heavy rain.
  • Improved Welfare – Better living conditions can lead to reduced stress and healthier animals.
  • Enhanced Comfort – Provides a more comfortable environment, crucial for animal welfare and growth.
  • Safety – Reduces the risk of injuries associated with exposure to harsh environmental elements.

Having a chat with your local R&F Shed Builder from one of our Queensland locations, will help you get a cover that is perfect for your cattle operations.

Hay Shed Storage

Large Open Front Farm Shed with 9 metre bays, designed for large round hay bales.
Large Open Front Farm Shed with 9 metre bays, designed for large round hay bales.

Storing hay or fodder in your farm shed isn’t just about piling bales into a corner. It’s about keeping it dry and preventing spoilage, keeping your hay in prime condition for animal feed. Let’s talk about how you can best achieve these goals in your Queensland farm shed.

The Best Hay Storage Conditions

You’ve got to consider four crucial factors that keep hay in its prime: moisture, ventilation, temperature, and location.

  • Moisture – Keep your hay dry to prevent mould and bacterial growth. Use a moisture meter to regularly check conditions. Most importantly don't bale wet hay.
  • Ventilation – Good airflow is essential to prevent unwanted moisture buildup. Consider installing fixed louvres in your shed.
  • Temperature – Cold conditions can preserve hay quality. Aim to keep your shed cool. We can insulate a single wall that faces the hot western sun.
  • Location – Store your hay in a location that’s convenient for you, but away from direct sunlight and rain.
  • Regular Checks – Monitor your hay storage regularly for any signs of deterioration, temperature spikes (hay can be prone to catching fire), or vermin.

Preventing Hay Spoilage

How can you prevent hay spoilage in your farm shed? Our team at R&F Steel Buildings will show you how to keep your hay fresh and nutrient-rich.

First, always store dry hay. Wet hay is a breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Second, keep it off the ground. Ground leeching can drain nutrients from your hay. Finally, avoid overcrowding and ensure your shed is weather-proof to prevent moisture damage.

Rules for Hay StorageWhy It’s ImportantHow to Implement
Store Dry HayPrevents mould and bacteriaHarvest during dry periods
Keep Hay Off GroundPrevents nutrient leechingUse pallets, plastic or concrete flooring
Avoid OvercrowdingEnhances air circulationProperly calculate storage space
Weather-Proof ShedAvoids moisture damageEnsure shed is well-built and maintained

With these steps, you’ll maintain the quality of your hay and ensure the health and happiness of your livestock or clients.

Space Efficiency Tips

In order to maximise your shed’s space for hay storage, it’s crucial to design the bay widths and internal heights accurately. This ensures a perfect fit for your hay bales and the necessary clearance for your tractor. Here’s how:

  • Measure the diameter of your big round bales and ensure the internal clearance of each bay accommodates the number you wish to stack side by side.
  • Confirm the clearance height of the opening suits your tractor, especially when loaded with hay bales.
  • Check the internal height supports safe vertical stacking of your hay bales.
  • Consider the types of connections for robust and efficient construction.
  • Choose a customisable design that’s specific to your needs, such as those offered by R&F Steel Buildings.

Farm Sheds as Workshops

Custom Farm Shed as a Workshop in Gatton, Qld with a 12m wide opening and metal sliding doors, internal walls and a concrete slab.
Custom Farm Shed as a Workshop in Gatton, Qld with a 12m wide opening and metal sliding doors, internal walls and a concrete slab.

Think about designing your farm shed into a workshop. There are key design considerations to make the end result work for you.

Workshop Design Considerations

When considering the design of your farm shed as a workshop, you’ll need to take into account several key factors such as clearances, wall space, power access and lighting. It’s vital to create a space that’s functional, safe, and comfortable to work in.

  • Opt for a clear span design to maximise clearances and workspace.
  • Ensure enough wall space for tools and equipment storage.
  • Plan for adequate power outlets for your machinery and tools.
  • Install suitable lighting fixtures for the type of work you’ll be doing.
  • Consider insulation to keep the shed comfortable in the hot Queensland climate.
  • Budget for a concrete slab; in a workshop we would recommend a 150mm thick concrete slab with 32Mpa concrete strength. Depending on the soil type and vehicle loads, we include single or double SL72 or SL82 mesh.
  • Enclose a bay to create a lockable area; we can use steel sliding doors or roller doors to lock up a single bay, and make it accessible for your workshop needs.

Benefits of Workshop Sheds

A dedicated workshop area or complete shed is a clever way to utilise space, and support your farm operation all year round.

  • Work all year round, regardless of the climate outside.
  • Protect your workers from harsh elements, creating a safer work environment.
  • Save on cost and space by having a dual-purpose shed. Better value per square metre.
  • Boost productivity by having a controlled and dedicated workspace.
  • Add value to your property with a functional farm shed and workshop.

These benefits make the building a workshop appealing and rewarding, giving you a sense of belonging and purpose within your working environment.

Vehicle Maintenance Farm Sheds

Open Ended Drive through farm shed in Dalby, Qld for heavy Vehicle storage and maintenance
Open Ended Drive through farm shed in Dalby, Qld for heavy Vehicle storage and maintenance

You might not have thought of a farm shed as a space for vehicle maintenance, but guess what? With the right design, your shed can be a perfect spot for efficient and safe vehicle repairs. Let’s explore how to set up your shed for this purpose, and the benefits it can bring.

Shed Design for Maintenance

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, your farm shed’s design can make a significant difference to your workflow efficiency. Let’s delve into the specifics of what a well-designed maintenance shed might entail:

  • Sufficient height for accommodating tall machinery
  • Bright lighting to ensure all work can be done safely. We recommend LED lighting.
  • Insulation to keep conditions comfortable year-round
  • Ventilation to manage fumes, maintain air quality or improve airflow.
  • A well-planned concrete floor for easy cleaning and durability

Efficiency in Vehicle Repairs

A well-designed farm shed can significantly boost your efficiency during vehicle repairs. Imagine the convenience of having a dedicated space to work on your equipment, protected from Queensland’s weather. It’s not just about shelter, it’s about creating an zone that is productive.

You can organise your tools, have ample lighting and ventilation, and work at any time of the day. It becomes a great space for maintaining your farm vehicles, increasing their longevity and saving you time and money in the long run. R&F Steel Buildings can tailor a shed to your specific needs, ensuring it’s robust, cost-effective, and a perfect fit for your farm.

Remember, a well-maintained vehicle is key to a successful farm operation. Make this possible with your own farm shed.

Grain Storage – Commodity Sheds

Thinking about building a shed for grain storage? It's a great idea. A well-designed shed can be the perfect place to keep your grain safe and maintain its quality. In this section, we'll dive into how you can turn your shed into an effective grain storage facility. We'll cover key factors like maintaining the right temperature, controlling humidity levels, and ensuring effective pest management.

Designing for Grain Storage – Get The Most Out Of Your Shed

Often, it’s essential that you consider the storage conditions in your farm shed to maintain high-quality grain. A quality farm shed for grain storage, is efficient, saves you time and in the long term money.

Consider these factors to make your grain storage more efficient:

  • Ensure easy access for trucks and other machinery to load and unload grain quickly.
  • Protect your grain from the weather to keep it in top condition.
  • Use cold-formed steel sheds for cost efficiency and robustness.
  • Customise your shed design to suit your specific needs.
  • Regularly check and maintain your shed, keeping it in good condition.

Recreational Space

Think about transforming your farm shed into a recreational space. You’ll need to consider the design, so it’s not just practical, but also enjoyable. Work hard, play harder right?

Design Considerations

When planning the design of your farm shed as a recreational space, considering optional extras like power, insulation, internal walls, mezzanine floors, and roller doors to ensure both functionality and comfort. We want your shed to be a space where you can relax, work, and play.

To create that perfect space, consider these key design features:

  • Sufficient power sources for all your needs
  • Adequate insulation for optimum thermal comfort
  • Internal walls to divide the space into functional zones
  • Door types, such as personal access doors or glass sliding doors, for easy access and security
  • Natural light options, such as windows or translucent sheeting, to illuminate your space

Produce Packing Sheds: Streamlining Operations

vegetable packing shed for lockyer valley farmer
vegetable packing shed for lockyer valley farmer

Think about how your farming operations could be improved with a dedicated produce packing shed. Imagine being able to pack your produce all year round, in any weather condition. This convenience could significantly streamline your farm’s operations and boost your overall productivity.

Efficiency in Produce Packing

You’ve probably never considered that a well-designed farm shed can provide a substantial boost to the efficiency of your produce packing operations. With a farm shed, you’re no longer at the mercy of Queensland’s unpredictable weather. Rain or shine, your operations can continue uninterrupted.

  • Year-round operations: No more downtime due to adverse weather.
  • Improved working conditions: Your team can pack produce in a controlled environment, away from harsh weather.
  • Better produce quality: A farm shed can provide ideal storage conditions, preserving your produce’s quality.
  • Enhanced organisation: Keep your packing materials, equipment, and produce all in one place.
  • Increased productivity: With all of these benefits, your packing operations can run more smoothly and efficiently.

Your farm will benefit from a quality farm shed, designed to suit your packing needs. Get in touch with a local R&F branch to start planning your packing shed.

How to Customise Your Farm Shed

You’ve got the power to transform your farm shed into something uniquely yours. Think about the size that suits your needs, the function your shed should serve, and the materials that best fit your vision. Don’t forget to consider unique features and site-specific design elements that could really make your shed stand out.

Choosing The Right Shed Size

Often, you’ll need to customise the size of your farm shed to fit your specific needs and purposes. With R&F Steel Buildings, you only pay for the exact amount of materials used in your custom design. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing your shed size:

  • Purpose: Are you storing machinery or using it as a workshop?
  • Site Location: Your shed’s location can affect its size and design.
  • Openings: You can choose standard or wide openings based on your needs.
  • Height: The eave height can be up to 6 metres high as standard, or taller as a custom design.
  • Length and Width: Sheds can be designed up to 24 metres wide and as long as you want. larger spans are achievable with our structural sheds.

Customising your shed size ensures you get a structure that fits perfectly into your farm setting.

Determining Your Shed Function

The function of your farm shed is a crucial factor you’ll need to consider when customising its design. Whether you’re using it for machinery storage, livestock cover, or as a recreational space, each purpose will require different features. Factor in your daily shed usage, assess if you’ll need quick access during weather events or if security is a major concern. These considerations will guide your design process. Keep in mind, specific regulations governed by the Queensland development code and your local council can affect your shed’s design and cost. Remember, you’re not alone in this process; specialists like R&F Steel Buildings are there to help, ensuring your shed is not just a building, but a shed that's engineered for you.

Building Material Choices

When it comes to customizing your farm shed, several material options are at your disposal, each with its own unique benefits and potential drawbacks. At R&F, we use Australian made steel, BlueScope Steel, renowned for its durability and strength. But your choices don’t end there.

Consider the following to truly make your shed your own:

  • Choose either Colorbond or unpainted Zincalume for external cladding.
  • Choose a steel with higher coating mass for coastal locations to prevent corrosion.
  • Consider the same for industrial locations or areas with high chemical exposure.
  • Adapt the design to suit your specific needs and site location.
  • Leverage welded and bolted connections for robustness, and faster construction.
  • Incorporate optional extras; roller doors, metal sliding doors, insulation, windows and internal walls.

Incorporating Unique Features

After selecting the perfect material for your farm shed, it’s now time to incorporate some unique features that will truly make it your own. Consider adding extra-wide openings for easy access or structural steel columns for resistance to vehicle impact. Overhangs not only offer an aesthetic appeal but also provide additional protection from weather elements. Top hung metal sliding doors are another great addition, offering easy access and security. They can be effortlessly opened for work or locked to secure your valuable equipment.

Farm Shed Features & Design Options

    • Light Industrial Concrete Slabs

      Looking for a concrete slab to handle large vehicle traffic? Our 150mm thick concrete slabs are heavy duty, reinforced with SL82 mesh and suitable for soils up to E class.

    • Security Screws

      Increase the security of your shed by requesting security screws. Standard drill bits wont work on these screws!

    • Open Front Bays

      A standard for farm sheds, we can create open front (side walls) of up to 6m wide as standard.

    • Cantilevered Structural Steel Awning

      Create high shade and ample protection from the weather for your packing or machinery shed without the posts.

    • Drive Through Bays

      Create a ‘drive through shed' or ‘tunnel shed' with open gable end walls and fully clad side walls. Perfect for farms with frequent loading and machinery traffic.

    • Extra Wide Bays

      Reduce the footings and increase the opening width of bays for farm machinery and implements. Up to 9m wide available.

    • Structural Steel Columns

      Upgrade your cee section columns to a structural universal beam and minimise the impact of mechanical damage

      An Open Front Farm Shed with universal columns for mechanical impact proofing. The shed is a cold formed, welded and bolted shed from R&F Steel Buildings.
    • Cantilevered Roof Overhang

      Extend the roof beyond the walls and create partial shade and weather protection for primary access doors

    • Bolted Connections

      Hi-tensile bolts for stronger connections.

    • Metal Sliding Doors

      Fabricated and engineered for larger openings & access.

    • Raft Slab Design

      A performant slab for volatile soil types with heavy loads.

    • Cast-In Hold Down Bolts

      Secure tie downs to concrete foundations with cast-in u bolts.

    • Welded & Bolted Connections

      Faster and stronger to build, welded & bolted connection surpass brackets.

    • Threaded Rod Bracing

      Reliable tensioning without the fuss of strap bracing.

    • Roller Shutters

      Commercial access, high usage and large openings.

    • Site Measured Flashings

      A tradesman quality finish time. No gaps, perfect fit.

    • Roller Doors

      Australian made, quality access. B&D Garage Doors.

      Roller Door fitted to steel framing

Site-specific Design Considerations

To meet Australian Standards, and ensure your shed is built to last, we need to look at site specific designs.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • The topography of your site: a flat location is ideal, but we can adjust designs for uneven terrain.
  • Wind speed: our experts will assess this to ensure your shed’s durability. We cater for non cyclonic and cyclonic wind regions.
  • Additional expenses for leveling: if your site isn’t flat, it might require extra investment in earthworks or retainer walls.
  • Unique features: we can incorporate these to make your shed truly yours such as overhangs, extra wide bays, attached awnings etc.
  • The use of Australian made, cold-formed steel: for robust and cost-effective structures.

Tips for Shed Maintenance and Longevity

Regular cleaning practices are integral to shed maintenance and longevity. So, let’s explore some tips to ensure your farm shed stands the test of time.

Regular Shed Cleaning Practices

Maintaining your farm shed’s longevity requires regular cleaning and diligent upkeep practices. It’s not just about keeping it clean, but also preserving its value and BlueScope Warranty.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your shed’s longevity:

  • Regularly sweep and dust the interior to prevent build-up of dirt and debris.
  • Check for signs of rust or wear and tear, and address them promptly.
  • Washdown your cladding regularly to minimise the impact of harsh chemicals.
  • Organize your tools and equipment neatly to avoid clutter and damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Average Cost of a Farm Shed by R&F Steel Buildings?

Each farm shed is made unique to a site location, and for a specific purpose. We can provide you with a fixed price contract however that includes everything from design, engineering, manufacturing and build. Beware of kit only sellers, they will often promise a set percentage of the kit cost such as 30%, this is rarely true and once you have paid them your deposit – you cannot turn back. A quality shed supplier should be able to give you a clear breakdown or guarantee all services included as a fixed total cost. Anything else, is too good to be true and you will likely pay more than you should for a farm shed. Request a quote from your local R&F Distributor for a fixed price quote.

How Long Does It Take to Design and Build a Custom Farm Shed With R&F Steel Buildings?

If you have a good idea of how you will use your farm shed; including clearance dimensions and overall building lengths. An R&F representative can design your custom shed and finalise a price within a day. From order to handover (supplied and built) a typical turnaround time is 12 weeks, the completion dates are usually listed on your building contract. If we are supplying you a kit shed, this usually takes 6-8 weeks from order to delivery. In regions like far north Queensland however, this can be longer due to manufacturing delays from suppliers like Lysaght.

Can R&F Steel Buildings Design a Farm Shed to Accommodate Multiple Uses (E.G., Equipment Storage and Livestock Housing)?

Absolutely, you’ll find R&F Steel Buildings quite versatile. They can design your farm shed to serve multiple purposes, like equipment storage and livestock cover. You’re part of creating a multi-functional space that suits your needs. You can read about a multipurpose farm shed we designed and build in Emerald, Qld for the Appleton Cattle Company.

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