Extending Your Shed With An Awning

by Joshua Knight on May 29, 2023

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Planning To Add An Awning To Your Shed?

Extending your shed with an awning can be a cost-effective and practical way to add additional covered space for storage, parking, or other activities. With durable BlueScope Steel material and proudly Australian made products, awnings offer great value for money when it comes to creating more usable outdoor space.

However, designing the perfect awning for your shed requires careful consideration of several factors such as wind design, span requirements, clearance height for vehicles and structural integrity of the new or existing shed.

When planning to extend your shed with an awning, it is important to choose a design that will complement the overall style of your property. Awnings come in different shapes and sizes with various color options available to match the aesthetic appeal of your home, business or rural property.

Additionally, you need to consider how much space you want to cover and what purpose the new extension will serve. Whether you are looking for extra storage space or a covered area where you can relax during hot summer days, there are many different types of awnings that cater to various needs.

In this article, we will explore some key considerations involved in extending your shed with an awning so that you can make an informed decision about what type of structure would best suit your needs.

Upgrade your Shed with an Awning Extension

The addition of an awning extension to a pre-existing building provides an affordable and versatile solution for outdoor protection and entertainment. With the design flexibility that awning extensions offer, homeowners can choose from various configurations such as Garaports or lean-to awnings.

A Garaport is ideal for creating additional garage space along the length of your shed while a lean to awning is perfect for extending the outdoor living area to any side of your shed. An awning extension not only offers protection from the elements but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of a property.

Homeowners can choose from different COLORBOND colours when selecting their awning extension, providing an opportunity to match it with existing structures or create contrast and highlight features of their home. In addition, BlueScope steel ensures structural integrity, durability and longevity to Australian conditions.

At R&F Steel Buildings, we provide custom quotes based on individual requirements. Our team works closely with clients to ensure that every detail is considered in planning an awning extension. Whether it's wind design considerations or clearance height for vehicles such as boats or trucks, our team has expertise in ensuring that your structure meets all necessary standards and regulations.

Contact your local R&F Distributor to learn more about how you can upgrade your shed with an awning extension.

Garaports & Garages with Awnings

Garaports and Garages with Awnings are excellent choices for those looking to extend their shed and provide additional roof cover for vehicle storage or multi-purpose use cases. The structural integrity of the existing shed structure is an essential consideration when planning a custom design for your garage with awning extension. Wind design, span required, clearance between posts for accessibility, and clearance height for vehicles are other crucial factors that need to be considered during the extension design process.

Awnings can be used as an effective shelter option in addition to Garage Extensions. They can be designed as flat roof or continue with the pitch of a gable roof design. Flat roof awnings can also be added to the side or end wall of a shed.

To ensure that your Garage with an Awning Extension provides adequate protection from harsh weather conditions, COLORBOND steel is used in all of our manufacturing processes. Furthermore, BlueScope steel ensures durability and longevity, making them ideal for Australian conditions.

Looking for a way to add more roof cover to your shed? Consider a Garaport! These can extend the length of your shed and provide additional space for vehicle storage or multi-purpose use. Plus, they can add value to your property.

Awnings are another great option to consider. They can be added at any time and come in different designs to meet your individual needs. When choosing an awning, think about wind design, the structural integrity of your shed, the span required (how wide the awning needs to be), clearance between posts for accessibility, and clearance height for vehicles like boats, caravans, or trucks.

By taking all of these factors into account, you can create a custom-designed garage with an awning extension that meets all your requirements. Not only will it be functional, it will also look great!

Planning for Shed Extensions

When considering a shed extension, careful planning and design considerations are necessary to ensure that the structure provides sufficient cover for vehicle storage or multi-purpose use cases. To achieve this, it is essential to engage with design experts who can guide you through the process of selecting the right type of awning for your needs.

Design criteria such as wind design and structural integrity requirements must also be taken into account. The design requirements for a Skillion awning will differ from those of a Gable Roof Extension, which means that an accurate site-specific quote can only be provided once all relevant information has been assessed. A site visit is recommended with your local R&F Distributor to help get this part right.

This includes factors such as span required, clearance between posts for accessibility, clearance height for vehicles such as boats or trucks, and whether weather screening or privacy cladding is necessary. By working closely with experienced designers and builders who understand these nuances, you can ensure that your shed extension meets all your needs while complying with local building codes.

Overall, it is important to remember that every shed extension project is unique and requires careful consideration of various design elements before construction begins. Engaging with professionals who have experience in this area can help you make informed decisions about the best approach to take based on your specific needs.

With their guidance, you can create an aesthetically pleasing and functional space that enhances your property's value while providing valuable additional storage space or living areas for years to come.

Get a quote from your local R&F Distributor.

Extending Your Steel Shed

Are you looking to extend your steel building shed? Look no further! We've got you covered. Adding an awning is an excellent way to create additional covered space for various needs. Whether it be for storage space or a secure space for your business operations, we can help you achieve your goals.

Our R&F Steel Building Sheds are designed with a portal frame structure, allowing for easy integration of new extensions with the existing structure. Our experienced team will take care of everything from designing to installation, so you don't have to worry about any structural issues. With the addition of an awning, you can extend your covered space while maintaining the integrity and strength of your shed.

During the planning stage, it is crucial to consider site-specific requirements such as wind design and clearance between posts. Our team at R&F Steel Buildings will work closely with you to ensure that all necessary factors are taken into account. We guarantee that your extended steel shed will meet all local regulations and provide a seamless finish that blends perfectly with the existing structure without compromising its functionality.

Our R&F Steel Building structures are completely customisable. We offer varied roof pitches to match existing structures, varied bay sizes, options to enclose any wall, add Eaves or Overhangs, and cast-in footing foundations or bolt to existing concrete slabs. Let us help you extend your steel building shed today!

Lean-to Awnings

The addition of lean-to awnings to steel sheds allows for the creation of additional covered space. This is achieved through careful planning and consideration of factors such as wind design, clearance between posts, and roof pitch matching. The use of portal frame design in the construction of these awnings provides increased strength and durability.

Lean-to awnings provide an excellent solution for those seeking to extend their existing storage space while also creating additional covered outdoor areas. These additions are made from Australian-made products, specifically BlueScope steel which is known for its quality and durability. COLORBOND colours are available to match existing shed structures seamlessly.

When planning a lean-to awning project, it is important to consider all relevant factors carefully. Wind design must be taken into account, as well as the required span and clearance height for vehicles such as boats or trucks. Structural integrity must also be maintained throughout the installation process to ensure that safety standards are met.

With proper planning and execution, adding a lean-to awning will undoubtedly enhance any steel building shed's functionality while providing ample covered outdoor space.

Additional Shade for Your Shed

Do you need more space for your car or machinery? Adding an awning to your steel building shed could be the perfect solution! Not only does it provide shelter from harsh weather conditions and protect your assets from sun damage, but it can also create an outdoor area that's usable all year round.

With an awning, your shed can become a multifunctional space that's versatile enough to suit any purpose. Whether you need a shaded outdoor area to work in or just more storage space, the possibilities are endless. Plus, since they're made from high-quality materials like BlueScope steel and COLORBOND colours, you can trust that they'll stand up to Australia's tough weather conditions.

Ultimately, adding an awning to your steel building shed is a great way to enhance its overall value while creating extra covered outdoor space. It offers many advantages, including protection against harsh weather conditions and sun damage, while also providing additional functional spaces for various purposes. Plus, it looks great and complements the existing structure's design. So why not consider adding an awning to your steel building shed today?

Colorbond Awning Colors

Exploring the range of COLORBOND awning colors is a must do consideration when planning a new outdoor area that not only provides protection against harsh weather conditions and sun damage but also complements the existing structure's design.

The COLORBOND awning collection offers 22 core colors and six premium matt finish shades. It is important to note that actual product colors may vary from screen representation, so it is best to request free brochures and color swatches for all available ranges.

COLORBOND® steel in Classic and Matt finishes are both available options for an awning project. Notably, COLORBOND® Ultra steel is specifically designed for Australian marine and industrial environments, making it an ideal choice for coastal areas or sheds near factories or other industrial settings.

In addition to exploring the range of COLORS available, design considerations when planning a new awning include wind design, structural integrity of the existing shed structure, span required (how wide is your awning), clearance between posts for accessibility, clearance height for vehicles such as boats, caravans or trucks.

Structural Considerations

Thinking of extending your shed or building with an awning? Before you start, make sure your current structure can handle the additional load. To be sure, have an RPEQ licensed engineer certify your shed or awning extension. They will check for suitable engineering and ensure that it meets the National Construction Code of Australia. For guidance and advice, your local R&F branch can help you ensure your extension is compliant.

Another important factor to consider is wind design. You need to determine the correct wind speed for your area and plan accordingly. Your awning design should include suitable bracing arrangements to ensure stability during high winds. Wind loads are generally calculated based on factors such as location and height above sea level.

When extending your shed with an awning, you also need to consider the span required (how wide is your awning), clearance between posts for accessibility, and clearance height for vehicles such as boats, caravans, or trucks. A well-designed structure will provide enough clearance height for taller vehicles like trucks while still maintaining adequate space between posts for easy access around equipment or machinery stored under the awning.

It's worth noting that the available color options are COLORBOND only. So, when choosing a color scheme, make sure it complements your existing structures' color schemes while also meeting any local council or strata regulations regarding colors used in outdoor structures.

Professional Installation

Adding an awning to a structure is a fantastic way to enhance its beauty and functionality. But, to ensure a perfect finish, it's crucial to hire qualified builders who have a QBCC license number.

These builders have years of experience in steel building construction and safety considerations. They use the right equipment for working at heights and prioritize safety above all else. Additionally, they take the time to measure everything accurately to ensure a perfect fit.

When looking for professional builders for awning installation, it's important to look for those who handle painted products with care. They ensure that your awning looks great, even after years of use. Plus, they know not to use touch-up paint during installation as it can affect the final product's appearance.

Qualified shed builders with experience in steel building construction know how critical it is to get every aspect right when installing an awning. They make sure that all the structural considerations are met, ensuring a long-lasting addition to your property. With their expertise, your awning will withstand natural elements like wind and rain.

Maintenance and Care

Maintenance and care are crucial aspects to ensure the longevity and attractiveness of COLORBOND steel and ZINCALUME steel used in manufacturing awnings, which can protect your asset for years to come. These materials require regular washing with water to enhance their life and maintain their appearance.

Rainwater washing the paint finish does not require maintenance cleaning, but areas not regularly washed by rainwater should be hosed down at least every six months.

Wall cladding under eaves, garage doors, and the underside of eave gutters require more frequent maintenance cleaning than other areas. This is particularly true in coastal areas with marine salt spray or high levels of industrial fallout.

A mild solution of pure soap or mild non-abrasive kitchen detergent in warm water applied with a sponge, soft cloth, or soft bristle nylon brush is recommended for cleaning. Abrasive or solvent type cleaners should never be used on COLORBOND steel and ZINCALUME steel as they can damage the surface.

Following these instructions can give many years of low maintenance life to building components made from COLORBOND pre-painted steel and ZINCALUME steel. It is essential to keep in mind that proper maintenance ensures that your awning remains attractive while protecting your assets from environmental factors such as sun, wind, rain, hailstorms among others.

If you need further information about maintaining your awning made from these materials consult Technical Bulletin TB 04 or contact BlueScope Steel Limited for more details on proper care practices that will help extend its lifespan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any limitations on the size or shape of an awning that can be added to a shed?

When it comes to adding an awning to a shed, there are certain limitations that one needs to consider. The size and shape of the awning largely depend on various factors such as wind design, structural integrity of the existing shed structure, span required, clearance between posts for accessibility, and clearance height for vehicles like boats, caravans or trucks. These design considerations play a crucial role in determining the overall dimensions and specifications of the awning that can be added to a shed.

R&F Steel Buildings can typically design & build Skillion Awnings up to 9m wide, wider awnings are subject to extended design checks. Hip corners can be incorporated to create ‘wrap around' awnings however will incur additional costs due to custom fabrication and additional steel framing.

Is it possible to install an awning without affecting the structural integrity of the existing shed?

The structural integrity of a shed is paramount when considering the installation of an awning. It is imperative to ensure that the existing structure can withstand any additional weight or wind load that may be imposed by the awning. Before we add an awning, our team will ensure your existing shed is assessed by a qualified engineer and if unsuitable, we can change plans and incorporate an abutted carport structure and marry up the roof cladding and trim flashings for a seamless finish.

How long does it typically take to install an awning onto a shed?

The typical duration for the installation of an awning onto a shed depends on various factors.

The size of the awning, complexity of design, and existing structural conditions of the shed all play a role in determining the time it takes to complete the installation.

Typically, a professional team can install an awning within a few days or up to several weeks depending on these factors. Provided the site preparation is completed and all materials are on-site, your local R&F Steel Buildings Distributor will be able to build your new awning in no time.

Extending your shed or adding an awning is a cost effective way to create more space

If you're looking to extend your shed without spending too much, an awning extension might just be what you need. However, before you jump into the project, there are a few important things to consider. You need to think about wind design, the structural integrity of your existing shed, the span requirements, and clearance height for vehicles. Getting professional help is also crucial to ensure that your shed extension is properly installed and maintained for years to come.

When it comes to choosing the right materials and colors for your awning extension, it's always best to work with experienced professionals who can guide you through the process. They can help you make sure that the project meets all of your functional needs while adhering to local council requirements. Can your camper van fit? Will the horse float fit under the awning? These are just some of the important questions to consider.

At R&F Steel Buildings, we can help you create additional covered space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our distributors have the expertise and guidance to make your shed extension project a success.

So why wait? Start planning your awning extension today and make the most of your outdoor space!

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