Greg’s Caravan Shed Extension

A Seamless Extension For Peace of Mind


Greg Had No Space For A New Shed

Once retired, Greg found himself facing a predicament – his property in Oakey, Qld lacked sufficient space to store his beloved caravan. Determined to keep his vehicle protected from the elements, he sought a solution.

R&F Toowoomba came to his rescue, constructing a shed that perfectly catered to his needs. The new structure, built adjacent to his existing shed, provided a dedicated space for caravan storage.

Its thoughtful design included a small roller door on the gable end, aligning precisely with the caravan’s personnel access door. This clever feature facilitated effortless loading and unloading of the vehicle, making trip preparations and returning home a breeze.

R&F went above and beyond, seamlessly integrating the new building with the existing one to maintain a cohesive aesthetic.

The project encompassed a shed extension, a sturdy concrete slab, the supply of materials, construction, and assistance with the council building application. The dimensions of the shed stood at an ample 9.5 meters wide, 4.5 meters long, and 3.9 meters high. With remarkable efficiency, R&F completed the construction in just three days, ensuring Greg’s caravan found its safe haven in no time. The entire process, from ordering materials to council approval, took a mere six weeks, leaving Greg impressed and grateful for R&F’s expertise and promptness.

Building Details

Building size

  • 9.5m (W) x 4.5m (L) x  3.9m (H)


  • Shed Extension

  • Construction

  • Concrete Slab

  • Council Building Application

Supplied Locally By

R&F Steel Buildings Toowoomba

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Project Features

  • The COLORBOND® steel color range for Greg’s Caravan Shed Extension

    Classic Cream
  • Features of Greg’s Caravan Shed Extension

    • Attach to Any Side

      Awning Extensions can be added to any side of a new or existing R&F Steel Building.

    • Raft Slab Design

      A performant slab for volatile soil types with heavy loads.

    • Roller Doors

      Australian made, quality access. B&D Garage Doors.

      Roller Door fitted to steel framing
    • Site Measured Flashings

      A tradesman quality finish time. No gaps, perfect fit.

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