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Multipurpose Farm Shed for Appleton Cattle Co

Designed for Efficient Storage and Workshop Facilities Enhancing Productivity

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Creating a Purpose-Built Farm Shed - Our Solution

The Appleton Cattle Company approached R&F Emerald to design and build them a multi-purpose farm shed and custom solution to support growing needs of their cattle farm. With a focus on efficient storage, workshop space, and equipment accessibility, the new shed has dramatically improved the farm’s operations.

The project encompassed concrete footings, a concrete slab, considerate shed design and supply, and expert construction. The 15m wide x 27.5m long x 5.6m high dimensions, along with custom design features such as enclosed areas, special bay sizing, and lockup bays, catered precisely to Appleton Cattle Company’s requirements.

The three-week construction process resulted in a visually stunning shed that not only protects their equipment but also elevates their business operations. Appleton Cattle Company expressed their delight, remarking on the shed’s exceptional finish and its positive impact on their daily operations.

Building Details

Building size

  • 15m (W) x 27.5m (L) x  5.6m (H)


  • Lockup Bay

  • Concrete Slab

  • Concrete Footings

  • Design & Engineering

  • Construction

Supplied Locally By

R&F Steel Buildings Emerald

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Project Features

  • COLORBOND® steel color's used for the Multipurpose Farm Shed for Appleton Cattle Co

  • Features of the Multipurpose Farm Shed for Appleton Cattle Co

    • Drive Through Bays

      Create a ‘drive through shed’ or ‘tunnel shed’ with open gable end walls and fully clad side walls. Perfect for farms with frequent loading and machinery traffic.

    • Gable Awning Extensions

      Extend your garage and add roof cover for your vehicles.

    • Roller Doors

      Australian made, quality access. B&D Garage Doors.

      Roller Door fitted to steel framing
    • Site Measured Flashings

      A tradesman quality finish time. No gaps, perfect fit.

    • Threaded Rod Bracing

      Reliable tensioning without the fuss of strap bracing.

    • Welded & Bolted Connections

      Faster and stronger to build, welded & bolted connection surpass brackets.

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