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by Joshua Knight on April 11, 2019

Get the shed you want with R&F Steel Buildings

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Here at R&F, we love designing custom steel buildings. Our design process unlocks a world of possibilities and building combinations that offer more choice and provide customers with a unique building that is made for you and your own needs. Sometimes standard solutions just don’t fit the bill, we work with you to deliver a superior quality custom design at a fair price.

A Common Myth

Many people think that custom design equals a higher price tag, but that’s not the case at R&F. Every length of steel that goes into one of our sheds is ordered to size and cut to length, so you only pay for what you need. This streamlined design and manufacturing process, sets us apart from ‘kit only' shed suppliers.

Common Customisations

When it comes to shed design, there are so many choices to make a shed that is perfect for you and the application.
  • Unique cladding profile
  • Combination roof styles
  • Extending from an existing structure
  • Tapered and odd shaped buildings
  • Special types of windows and glass sliding doors
  • Eaves and overhangs
  • Large lintel beam openings (6m, 9m, 12m) for easy access
No matter what you choose, our team has the practical hands-on experience to tackle the toughest challenges.

Design Options

As you settle on the design choices you want, here are a few options to make the decision-making process easier:
  • Larger bay sizes
  • Broken pitch/saw-tooth roof styles
  • Non-standard mezzanine floors (liveable or for storage)
  • Eaves and cantilevered awnings
  • Higher heights (exceeding 6m to top of gutter)
  • Extra wide awnings and gable extensions
  • Eliminate a column, creating an extra wide bay (lintel beam opening)
  • Customised cladding options
  • Panel-lift doors
  • Roller shutters
Click here for more information on designing your own custom shed.

Joshua Knight

Business Development & Marketing Manager

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